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Planet B is a sustainable travel brand of the travel company Bollig Tours s. à r.l. – a renowned Luxembourgish family business with an extensive experience in the travel sector – dedicated to sustainable & responsible tourism. Our extensive experience in the travel industry has culminated in a strong belief that the concept of sustainability must be applied to our tours, echoing its importance in various other facets of daily life. The core values guiding us are the respect and equitable consideration of everyone participating.

Experts in sustainable travel

Our passionate and skilled team designs authentic trips with a sharp emphasis on genuine and eco-friendly practices, adhering to the ‘avoid, then reduce, then compensate’ philosophy. We aim to provide those who share our dedication to sustainable living the chance to enjoy distinctive vacations without any reservations about their environmental impact.

We are eager to provide personalized guidance and remain available to assist with the coordination of sustainable private or group travel tailored to your unique desires and concepts.

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A trustworthy partner

Just as we always have, our company continues to uphold its commitment to responsible and value-driven service, ensuring we keep a close and personal connection with our clients. We’re here to offer tailored advice, whether it’s through a call at (+352 729722-1), an email (info@planetb.travel), or in person at our travel agency in Echternach (121, route de Luxembourg). Our approach puts quality ahead of quantity, clarity of knowledge over complexity.

We are delighted to see a community of satisfied and happy customers embarking with us on the path to sustainability and are proud to also be winning over new clients from both near and far.

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Our team

Our friendly team is very happy to help you plan and organize an exceptional sustainable adventure.

Zögere nie weit fortzugehen, hinter alle Meere, alle Grenzen, alle Länder, allen Glaubens. Amin Maalouf
Susanne Salm Product & Quality Manager, Sustainability Coordinator (+352) 72 97 22 1
Die größte Sehenswürdigkeit, die es gibt, ist die Welt - sieh sie dir an. Kurt Tucholsky
Melanie Peter Travel Designer (+352) 72 97 22 37
Alles in der Welt ist nur für den da, der Augen hat, es zu sehen. Eduard Spranger
Petra Carvalho Gomes Travel Designer (+352) 72 97 22 37
Frei nach Franz Kafka: Wege entstehen dadurch, dass man sie geht, Reisen entstehen dadurch, dass man sie macht.
Hristalina Mitolova Sales (+352) 72 97 22 33
Nichts ist vergleichbar mit dem guten Gefühl, an einen vertrauten Ort zurückzukehren und zu merken, wie sehr man sich verändert hat. Nelson Mandela
Ivana Palamarevic Marketing and Communication (+352) 72 97 22 36

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