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01.08.2024 - 04.08.2024
  • Experience culture
  • Explore cities

Leserreise Luxemburger Wort: Mexico – Dia de los Muertos

Culture and history - yesterday and today
21.10.2024 - 06.11.2024
  • Experience culture

Hiking in Puglia

Trulli, piazzi and olive trees
22.10.2024 - 29.10.2024
  • Enjoy nature

Puntos de Vida in Nicaragua

Vibrant culture & nature in Central America
30.11.2024 - 15.12.2024
  • Experience culture
  • Enjoy nature

Vienna in Advent

A Trip for the Curious
12.12.2024 - 16.12.2024
  • Experience culture
  • Explore cities

Sri Lanka – individual trip

Private trip: experience nature & culture sustainably
  • Experience culture
  • Travel individually

Traveling with respect

Planet B stands for responsible travel with respect for the destination country, its people and culture. We pay attention to environmental and climate protection and select our partners carefully according to our sustainability criteria. We support local suppliers and the consumption of regional products so that our guests’ visit has a positive impact on the local population.

Unforgettable encounters

Our carefully crafted trips go beyond mere sightseeing. We prioritize genuine interactions with the culture of the destination country, not just observing, but living it – connecting, learning, and understanding the world through the eyes of its inhabitants. Our commitment to authenticity means that every day is filled with opportunities for meaningful encounters. Join us for an adventure that’s not just about places, but about people and the rich narratives they share.

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Attention to detail

At the heart of your journey is one essential element: you. Our mission is to craft an extraordinary travel experience that’s as unique as it is memorable, as genuine as it is engaging, and as invigorating as it is inspirational. From the unconventional modes of transport to distinctive lodging, from exquisite cuisine to the charismatic locals you’ll meet—every facet of your trip is selected with care. Leveraging our expertise and zeal for travel, we create seamless paths for you to explore new lands, immerse in diverse cultures, and maybe, in the process, uncover new facets of yourself.

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